Hawaii Professional Coders Education Fund

Educational Opportunities for Hawaii’s Coding Community

The Hawaii Professional Coders Education Fund (HPCEF) was established in 2003 as a fund to be used toward scholarships for Hawaii’s coding community. The Fund provides assistance with costs associated with attending conferences, workshops and other coding-related activities, and also helps defray expenses associated with attending these events. Our mission is to facilitate participation in quality educational activities which enhance knowledge and expertise in our profession.

The Fund is supported by donations from individuals, business partners, and employers. The contributions are placed in an endowment fund, and monies generated by the Fund are used to support educational grants. Business partners have been more than generous in their contributions on behalf of Hawaii AAPC Chapter members.

One of the benefits of belonging to Hawaii’s AAPC chapters is enjoying HPCEF scholarship monies which are available to members. The awards are intended for those wishing to pursue further education in the medical coding field. The annual Hawaii Coding Conference is an event coordinated and championed by the Education Fund. We’re especially proud of this event as it provides an opportunity for Hawaii’s coders to obtain continuing education without incurring expense of out-of-state travel.

HPCEF Founder and Chairperson
Jeri Leong, R.N., CPC, CPC-H